The mission of Laurel Elementary is to provide our students with rigorous and relevant educational experiences that will ensure that all students demonstrate academic proficiency as defined by the Florida Department of Education.


The Laurel Elementary School vision is to create a school in which a progressive leadership team and involved parents support high-performing teachers who utilize a variety of high-yield strategies, teach a rigorous and relevant curriculum, build relationships with students and families, and establish and maintain a safe and orderly environment to maximize student achievement, while nurturing students to become responsible citizens who contribute to the success of their community.

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Good News!!!

There are many teachers who give 100% of their time and efforts in educating the children here in Polk County, but there are only a handful that go that extra step; Martina Giordano is that teacher. She not only has a full time teaching career, but she has also devoted her time and money to an outreach program here at Laurel. This is not the first school that she has done this at.

She started her first outreach program at Hillcrest Elementary in Lake Wales after her third year of teaching. You might ask, “What spurred her on this journey?” Well, her principal at that time wanted his teachers to become aware of what type of children they were teaching and the neighborhood in which they came from; so he procured a bus and loaded his teachers on it and drove them around Lake Wales, Waverly, and the Gulf View neighborhoods. At that time she took some Dr. Seuss books she had bought on sale with her and gave them to the kids in these neighborhoods. The excitement that she saw on the kids’ faces fueled her to do more of this; thus the outreach program was born.

At first it was just books, then small things like crayons, juice, and a snack. During the holidays she gave out food packages, “bountiful buckets” with toiletries and such. As this grew she got the support from her sister who now helps to fund this project.

She now coordinates it and spends her time and money supporting it (with the help of her sister), but she also gets the support from her fellow teachers here at Laurel. On numerous occasions she and some of the Laurel Staff have gathered at the Park on Halibut Road to give out juices, snacks, and there is always a book donation too. She not only feeds their bodies, but also their minds. She also shows up at all of our other events such as Math Night and Movie Nights to hand out books to every child, even if they do not attend Laurel.

Ms. G, as she is fondly called, does not do it for the recognition at all, it’s all about the kids. This is why she is a one in a million kind of teacher who gives and gives and gives. She really deserves to be recognized as one of PCSB’s dedicated teachers.

Laurel Teacher's Retire

These two ladies have over 60 years in the teaching profession. Allison has been in education for 35 years; nine here at Laurel and Bonita has been teaching for 27 years and this is her eighth year at Laurel. We wish them well in retirement. Come see us…


Allison Crutchfield

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Bonita Poust


Parent University



Our Volunteer of the Year-Nancy Mooney

Our Volunteer of the Year Mrs. Mooney has more energy and determination than anyone I have ever seen. She not only volunteers in several classrooms, but she also has undertaken the huge task as our volunteer liaison between Laurel and the Solivita Community in Poinciana. This involves advertising on an online site to announce happenings in the Solivita area and also emails members in her community about volunteering at Laurel Elementary. Mrs. Mooney is very determined to support Laurel as much as she can and also helps the volunteers in being paired up with a teacher who needs them. This has led to having more volunteers in our classrooms.

Student Early Dismissal Days

The following dates have been chosen as student Early Dismissal days for school year 2015-2016. All students will be dismissed 2.5 hours (150 minutes) early.

  • September 16, 2015
  • October 14, 2015
  • November 18, 2015
  • January 13, 2016
  • February 24, 2016
  • April 6, 2016
  • May 18, 2016

Bell Schedule

In order to create uniformity throughout Polk County Public Schools, school bell schedules for all of Polk County Elementary Schools will have a start time of 8:00 a.m., and an end time of 3:00 p.m.